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Safer Pain Management

Pain Telehealth

Quickly understand your diagnoses and treatment options from doctors specializing in safer pain management. In-person doctor visits are a hassle, taking weeks to schedule. Receive a 100% free pain consultation today. You have nothing to lose and pain relief to gain! 

Treat Pain from Anywhere

About Pain Telehealth from SPM & Physician360

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Safe prescription medications following multi-modal approach to pain management

Easy and quick to complete from registration to prescription delivered to your home.

How It Works

Complete Simple Intake Form
Answer a few health questions to get started and pay $29.99 $0 (when applying coupon code) for your medical pain consultation.
Doctor Telehealth
Doctors will evaluate your needs and prescribe a safe pain medication suitable to your needs
Partner Pharmacy Delivers Your Medication
You will receive a non-opioid pain medication for a small fee or zero out of pocket with insurance coverage. You can pick up your medication at our partner pharmacies or have them deliver it to your home.

Pain Treatment Options

If you experience mild to moderate muscle and inflammation related pain often, a free telehealth consultation with a qualified healthcare professional can help manage that acute flare-up of pain. If your pain is less frequent you might choose to hold off, and can try other non-medication alternatives, but don’t wait too long for it to get from bad to worse The telehealth doctor can recommend a pain management strategy for you.

How to Telehealth

Telehealth is a quick and convenient way to connect with a healthcare provider to assess your pain and potentially prescribe a safe non-opioid prescription pain medication that could be right for you. This could be a good first option to relieving your pain safely before setting a live appointment to get further evaluated by a primary care of specialist doctor.

Why Safer Pain Management?

We’re empowering people to make safer choices about their Pain Management. Our mission is simple: Help the Masses find Safer Pain Relief. Our goal is to make an impact on the opioid epidemic. Follow us on social media to learn more.

What Our Patients Are Saying

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We know that no one has the time to wait in line at a pharmacy. We know that getting seen by a pain doctor isn’t easy — on your wallet, schedule, or peace of mind. Our service makes it easy for anyone, regardless of circumstance, to get medication quickly, affordably, and effectively. So we can all have safe, reliable pain treatment for our own health, always.

You’re One Step Away From Instant Access!

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You’re One Step Away From Instant Access!

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Claim your free Telehealth Visit now...