Why is Safer Pain Management Important?


What is a Multimodal Approach?

The multimodal approach to pain management seeks to decrease the emphasis on opioid analgesics by combining several therapies to effectively improve patient health and provide pain relief. For various conditions, including chronic pain, acute pain, and even lower back pain, at multimodal approach has been found to:

  • Lower pain scale scores
  • Decrease opioid use
  • Result in fewer opioid-related adverse effects
  • Decrease length of post-surgery hospital stays

The multimodal approach can incorporate many different types of therapies, including medicinal, physical, occupational, and psychosocial therapies.


Opioid Abuse

Overdose deaths involving prescription opioids were

>4x higher

in 2018 than in 1999.

Many Americans suffer from chronic pain and these patients need safe and effective techniques for pain management. While prescription opioids are an extremely effective pain medication OR treatment in the short term, as time goes on they tend not to be the best choice considering their severe adverse effects, including a high potential for misuse, abuse, and overdose.

It is for these reasons that opioids should not be used as the only source of pain medicine for pain relief.


Are You Tired of Living With Pain?

Telehealth is a quick and convenient way to connect with a healthcare provider to assess your pain and potentially prescribe a safe non-opioid prescription pain medication that could be right for you. This could be a good first option to relieving your pain safely before setting a live appointment to get further evaluated by a primary care of specialist doctor.


Consult with a credentialed healthcare provider for a multimodal pain management option.